VP’s Page

Nancy Powell

I am Nancy Powell, Vice President of United States Atheists.

I am a Portland native with two children, Remy and Katie.

I have been an Atheist most all of my life and am committed to Atheist civil rights.

I am the currently Plaintiff in two civil rights lawsuits in Oregon, along with my son Remington challenging the rights of religious organization exposure to public school children during the school day.

In 1998 I was proud to speak at the White House about Atheist discrimination in the public schools.

Speaking both locally and nationally on Atheist subjects I work diligently to show religion to be against reason.

United States Atheists owns and operates the first Atheist Community Center in the country offering an oasis of truth in the desert of irrationality. We meet weekly, 7:30pm on Tuesday evenings, and I am generally there, with speakers and comment on todays top Atheist concerns and issues.

We produce a bi-monthly publication the “Critical Thinker”.

We are happy to have private production facilities for our television show “Bunk Buster” (coined from the Edison qoute “religion is bunk”) that is now in its 10th season with over 400 episodes completed.

We maintain a 24 hour hotline at, what else, 503-A*T*H*E*I*S*T.

Feel free to explore the other pages of this site for more details on our many activities.