Current Events

Tuesday, 2-Aug-05

Presentation by Anthony Marr

at the Atheist Community Center
7:30 – 9:00 (PM)

This is our regularly scheduled meeting and admission is free.  Bring a friend!

Anthony Marr, a world-renowned wildlife preservationist, will be in Oregon from August 1-7th as part of his major national tour to explain his concept of Omniscientific Cosmology.

From Mr. Marr’s website: “Creationism seems to gain in power with every passing year. Our chief weapon has been the Theory of Evolution, which indeed is powerful and true, but when we pit Evolution against Creationism, we put ourselves at a deep disadvantage, because, false as Creationism is, it is nonetheless a complete cosmology, providing answers, false as they are, to the great philosophical questions, whereas Evolution, true as it is, is not a cosmology unto itself. And scientific cosmology, as we know it, does not yet touch upon life and society, and cannot provide full answers to the great philosophical question either. The Omniscientific Cosmology, on the other hand, with physics, astronomy and chemistry as foundation, and biology, ecology and sociology as edifice, embraces Evolution as an integral part, as well as other biological and social theories, thus capable of and indeed providing new and rational answers to the ancient philosophical questions. And with these answers, we can chart our course to our optimal destiny.”

Anthony Marr’s Omniscientific Cosmology is a new and ground-breaking model of the Universe that embraces all the sciences – physical, biological and sociological. It has been hailed by respected scientists and philosophers as “formidable”, “fascinating”, “a beautiful synthesis”, “an immensely logical construct”, “an extraordinary intellectual undertaking”, “the philosophical system of the 21st Century”, “important ideas with great potential for lessening the conflicts in a troubled world”, and “should be of interest not only to experts but to all thinking people of the world”, among many others. Anthony Marr has been described as “extremely intelligent, eclectic and knowledgeable”, “unusually dedicated and talented”, “a hard-headed thinker in the best scientific tradition” and “demonstrating a degree of intellectual discipline that is rare even among professional scholars”. For more on Anthony Marr and his Omniscientific Cosmology, see  In addition, I would like to draw your attention to the website of the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix –