President’s Page

James E Archer

I live in Portland Oregon, home of the first Atheist Community Center in the United States. I am president of United States Atheists which operates the center. I am a software manager by profession and an Atheist by belief. I became involved in United States Atheists for many reasons. These include meeting a variety of interesting people, sharing ideas with people I respect, and above all, just being in a room full of Atheists. There are two kinds of Atheists, those who understand how important it is to be an Atheist and those for whom Atheism is a sort of afterthought, real but not very important. If you are the first kind, I know you will benefit from becoming a member of United States Atheists. If you are the second kind, I urge you to reconsider the importance of being an Atheist.

I look forward to the day when an organization like United States Atheists will be unnecessary. But we are a long way from that day. The religious right poses a serious threat to our basic freedoms; government sponsored religion is being promoted at the highest levels; science and rationality are being openly attacked. Atheists must organize to resist these tendencies while we still have the freedom to do so. United States Atheists is at the forefront of this resistance.

If you are an Atheist, I invite you to join us either by becoming a member via e-mail or, if you are in the Portland, Oregon area, by attending one of our meetings. See our home page and Free Membership page for details.Questions and comments may be directed to: [email protected]