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United States Atheists promotes atheism as both a fact about the world and as a way of life. We operated the first Atheist Community Center to be established in the United States. Our mission includes ministering to the needs of non-theists, promoting atheism as a positive belief system, supporting the separation of state and church, defending the civil rights of atheists, and combating the authoritarian agenda of the religious right and other extremists. We provide a safe, supportive place for atheists to share their views with like-minded folks. If you live in Portland, Oregon or plan to visit, join us for our meetings every Tuesday night.

United States Atheists is run entirely by volunteers.

Charlie Rose interview with Christopher Hitchens from August 13.

Weekly Meetings

At Laughing Horse Books & Video Collective
12 NE 10th Ave.
(on NE 10th Ave., 1/2 block north of E Burnside)
Portland, OR 97232  (map)

TriMet service:
12 Barbur/Sandy Blvd  |  19 Woodstock/Glisan  |  20 Burnside/Stark  |  70 12th Avenue
United States Atheists is a member organization of the Portland Coalition of Reason.

E-mail USA at:

503-A T H E I S T

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We meet
every week to discuss issues of interest to atheists. Meetings are open to all, and we invite you to attend. We meet:
Every Tuesday
, 7:00-8:00 p.m.
Laughing Horse Books

12 NE 10th Ave.
Portland, OR 97232 (Map)

Bunk Busters

Bunk Busters was our weekly cable TV program of secular thought and rationality.
New episodes are not being produced at this time and currently it is not being shown. You m ay download podcasts of past episodes.

Press Inquiries
Would your media outlet like an atheist perspective on issues? Contact us at 503-284-3478 or e-mail us. Please note that same-day responses are not usually possible, please allow a few days for us to get back to you.

Atheist Speakers

As part of our community outreach, we provide speakers to discuss atheism with interested community groups in the Portland-metro area. Past venues include St. Philip Neri Catholic Church, Cascade College (a Christian school) and the Kiwanis Club. Talks are typically 15 to 20 minutes with a focus on questions and group discussion after the talk. Call 503-284-3478 or e-mail us to make arrangements. Please allow a minimum of four weeks lead time to schedule a talk.

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